Playing With Your Headlines

Has Bigfoot Evolved? - Scientists believe that Bigfoots may have evolved to the point of wearing footwear making tracking them that much more difficult. It is also thought that they may have even started wearing outdoor attire as another camouflage technique.

Investigators have reported possible sightings of Bigfoots wearing boots and camo clothing, or in some instances, bright orange jackets and pants. They have been spotted in the usual wooded areas, but reports claim that in addition to the footwear and outer attire, they have even been thought to be carrying what looks like rifles or sticks chewed in a fashion to resemble a rifle.

Of course, with these radical new advancements the Bigfeet have been making come the unsubstantiated claims that people have seen them riding stolen quads, pick up trucks, traveling in packs of 3 or 4, and even leaving fake trails with empty beer cans and food wrappers they have obviously pillaged from nearby refuse containers in their clever attempts at throwing humans off their scent.

Next week, I talk to a man who claims to have shot 3 Bigfoots and has their pelts, taxidermied heads, and Ford trucks to substantiate his claims.